How I got started

I’ve always worked with images and I love it! I have a degree in Fine Art and still paint and sculpt but don’t really have enough time. I’m not complaining! Fortunately I love my job. Before I became a professional photographer I worked as an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, art-worker. I did a bit of everything as long as I was working with images and using my creativity. I went full time as a professional photographer in 2000 after many years working as a photographers assistant. I started exclusively photographing weddings in 2004 and I haven’t looked back! Initially I worked in the Peterborough, Cambridge and Northampton areas but soon started shooting weddings all over the UK and abroad. I started filming wedding videos in 2010 which was a whole new learning curve and especially steep but I loved every minute of it. I’m proud to be able to offer both services to my couples. I now have a team of trusted professionals and offer packages to suit every wedding budget.

My approach

I don’t take many posed photographs and prefer a much more natural approach to wedding photography and video. Many wedding photographers and videographers promote their approach to weddings as natural but I have discovered through working alongside them that I am at the extreme end of natural. The results are so much better when my subjects are at ease. When I’m photographing or filming a wedding I like to shoot from a distance and keep a low profile. Sometimes I get up close and personal too and I do this in a discreet and unobtrusive way. There are many skills a photographer needs to capture your day in it’s entirety and in a beautiful way but I don;t want to bang my drum too much. All I can say is I’ve photographed over 400 weddings to date and I feel at the top of my game!

What’s next?

It is with great satisfaction that I can say my personal journey as a wedding photographer and now a wedding videographer has been extremely positive. It has taught me a great deal about myself, my abilities, people, business, about self-confidence and about always looking forward, to be better, and to do more. Over the next couple of years I hope to be able to commit the time to producing my best work yet. I have a top secret project that I hope will be extremely successful and take wedding photography and wedding video to a new level, but I can’t tell you about that just yet.

More about me

I am happily married to my wife Julie and we have two beautiful girls, Lily-Belle and Daisy. I like to drink bitter but I keep very fit. I like to keep busy but I love to chillax too. I’m a typical Gemini!

Nick Grove Photographer


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