Portia & Daniel’s Wedding At Rushton Hall

The happy couple

Portian and Daniel’s wedding was one of those weddings were I hadn’t met the couple before the big day. Sometimes couples are happy to meet me on the day and are always pleasantly surprised when they see I’m unassuming, relaxed, and busy! Sometimes couples and parents admit to me that they were expecting somebody older, larger, and more sweaty! Maybe when I am a bit older I’ll also be a bit larger and sweatier too. Not meeting the couples before the big day is not something that concerns me anymore. I have enough experience to be able to handle whatever I am faced with. Fortunately Portia and Daniel were lovely and I knew straight away it was going to be a good day.

Rushton hall

Portian and Daniel chose to get married at Rushton church and hold their wedding reception at Rushton Hall just down the road. I have worked at Rushton Hall for many years now and it’s always a pleasure to come back. I don;t often get the opportunity to film the wedding breakfast in the great hall though and it was a pleasant surprise to hear that Portian and Dan had exclusive use of the venue so I could take advantage of all the great spaces this venue has to offer.

The video

Portia and Daniels wedding video is a good example of how far our wedding videos have come in a relatively short time. This is a good example of how I can capture a lot of footage with multiple cameras. This video also contains some new techniques and effects. I hope you enjoy it.

Sarah & Max’s Merton College Wedding in Oxford

Our approach to wedding video

Sarah and Max admitted to me that they were initially unsure about having a wedding videographer. They were concerned that it would be to intrusive and that I would get in the way of the wedding photographer. Thankfully they did go for it and they made a point of thanking me through-out the day for being so relaxed and unobtrusive. I love it when couples breath a huge sigh of relief once they have seen how I operate.  Knowing that your videographer is not some amateur with no manners really helps the happy couple to enjoy their wedding that little bit more.

The joy of recommendations

It’s always nice when couples enquire regarding their wedding photography or videography on the back of a recommendation from a previous couple. It’s a real moral booster. And this was the case with Sarah and Max and their Merton College Wedding. I shot a wedding video for Emily and John many years ago here and loved every minute of visiting this unique venue. This year Merton College is celebrating it’s 750 year and Sarah and Max are the 10th couple of ‘Mertonians’ to be married here this year alone. It seems that Merton College can be a very romantic place! I couldn’t help but feel in ore of this world famous college and found myself dreaming about my children coming here. I even told my eldest about how proud I would be if she managed to go to Oxford or Cambridge; she’s only six!

The Wedding video

Here is our latest wedding video and we are very happy with the outcome. I filmed Sarah and Max’s wedding all by myself. I often do it this way these days as two videographers can be too much for smaller more intimate weddings. I have to work very hard to try and capture as many angles as possible. Hopefully you can see that one videographer and multiple cameras can still make for a great video.

Megan & Matthews wedding at Dodford Manor, Northamptonshire

  • Megan&Matthew513
  • Megan&Matthew494
  • Megan&Matthew482
  • Megan&Matthew477
  • Megan&Matthew444
  • Megan&Matthew443
  • Megan&Matthew435
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  • Megan&Matthew418
  • Megan&Matthew402
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  • Megan&Matthew336
  • Megan&Matthew335
  • Megan&Matthew322
  • Megan&Matthew313
  • Megan&Matthew303
  • Megan&Matthew277
  • Megan&Matthew250
  • Megan&Matthew223
  • Megan&Matthew219
  • Megan&Matthew203
  • Megan&Matthew195
  • Megan&Matthew192
  • Megan&Matthew181
  • Megan&Matthew175
  • Megan&Matthew173
  • Megan&Matthew166
  • Megan&Matthew160
  • Megan&Matthew133
  • Megan&Matthew122
  • Megan&Matthew101
  • Megan&Matthew055
  • Megan&Matthew045
  • Megan&Matthew027
  • Megan&Matthew019
  • Megan&Matthew011
  • Megan&Matthew004

The Wedding Venue

It’s not often that I get to work at a new wedding venue in Northamptonshire and so it was with a little extra excitement that I arrived at Dodford Manor for Megan & Matthews wedding. I have to admit that upon first glance the name Dodford Manor is in my opinion a little misleading as there isn’t a manor at all but a collection of barn conversions surrounding a court yard. I had heard a lot about Dodford Manor on the photographers forums as it’s been a very popular new wedding venue and holds a lot of weddings here. I had expected something a bit grander as the name would suggest but actually I was very impressed with the slick operation they run there and the professionalism they apply to wedding coordinating. It is a very well thought out venue and I could not criticise the staff and management on the day. If only they had some woodland, lake, or some other feature within the grounds where I could take my couples for their mini photo shoot then it would be even more popular then it already is. If you are holding your wedding at Dodford Manor and would like a professional wedding photographer or wedding videographer to photograph your day in a  natural and discreet way, please get in contact.

Eoin & Tammy’s wedding at Stapleford Park

The happy couple

Eoin and Tammy are another very memorable couple for me and their wedding was equally memorable. It was clear from our very first meeting that Eoin was so in live with Tammy and she felt the same way about him. They certainly made each other laugh and were very happy in each others company. This fact coupled with their great attitude towards their wedding at Stapleford made it so easy for me to capture their day in a beautifully natural way. They were not too fussed about the details, and they put their faith in all the staff at Stapleford Park, and the weddings suppliers, to do their bit. Leaving them to just get on and enjoy the day together and with their wedding guests.

The wedding venue

Stapleford Park in Leicester is possible our most popular venue over the last few years. It is a special place and somewhere we certainly enjoy working. All in all I think we may have photographed and filmed over twenty weddings here over the years. And Eoin and Tammy’s was our first where we provided both photography and video. I am still waiting for a beautifully snowy winter wedding here but I also have been blessed with plenty of beautiful sunny summer weddings.

The wedding album

Eoin and Tammy’s wedding album is also one of my favourites. Not just because i designed it but they went the extra mile and ordered a mixture of matted overlays and full page spreads. At the time this was an extra charge because you could;t get these albums made here in the UK. We  now offer these albums as standard.

IMG_8813 IMG_8817 IMG_8819 IMG_8829 IMG_8830 IMG_8831 IMG_8832 IMG_8833 IMG_8834 IMG_8835 IMG_8836 IMG_8837 IMG_8838 IMG_8839 IMG_8840 IMG_8841 IMG_8842 IMG_8843 IMG_8844 IMG_8845

Aparna & Ankith’s wedding at Ladywood Estate

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  • Aparna&Ankith362
  • Aparna&Ankith369
  • Aparna&Ankith378
  • Aparna&Ankith404
  • Aparna&Ankith447
  • Aparna&Ankith448
  • Aparna&Ankith458
  • Aparna&Ankith476
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Aparna & Ankith’s wedding at Ladywood Estate – I am fortunate to have photographed many asian weddings over the years and quite often asian couples hire myself and my team to photograph and video their weddings. It kind of makes sense to use us for both but unfortunately Aparna and Ankith decided to use me just for wedding photography this time. I don’t take it personally of course but it’s disappointing nether the less. I work very well with separate wedding videographers anyway and believe I am more understanding of their needs as I have experience of how it is different from photography at weddings. Especially when it concertns capturing live audio of an event. There’s nothing worse than the ‘clickety-click’ of the photographers camera ruining all your ambient audio! It’s funny to hear complaints from both side of the industry. Many photographers and videographers complain bitterly about each other but in my experience there is simply good and bad of each and that’s it! Those which complain about the other are more likely to be amongst the bad and the ones that get on with each other are the good. It would be a good test of their professionalism to ask your potential photographer or videographer. Anyway, back to Ladywood Estate, which is a new wedding venue for me. And having shot there I hope to be back again soon. It’s got  a few quirky areas, and is quite new as a wedding venue. But once the grounds are more established it will be a very beautiful wedding venue.