South Farm Wedding Videographer

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The Venue

South Farm is a new venue for me and it was a very pleasant surprise to have discovered this great wedding venue earlier this year. It’s one of those great venues with rooms for every occasion all centred around a large courtyard. There’s ample parking and plenty to keep your guests occupied not leastbecasue it is a working rare breeds farm. The main house is very grand and colourful the main entrance way is a great backdrop for your formal groups and leads though into the back garden which is a lovely spot for those most rare of rarities an out door wedding ceremony.

Wedding Videography

We have provided both wedding photography and wedding videography so far this year and we are quickly becoming the South Farm Wedding Videographer of choice. We hope to film many more weddings here over the next few years and establish ourselves as their recommended supplier. It’s such a great place to work and there is so much potential. I can’t wait for our next wedding here.

Wedding Photography

Whether we are filming or photographing your wedding we have the same approach to your special day and that is to be polite and unobtrusive, and to capture the whole day as it unfolds. At a wedding venue such as South Farm it’s really easy for us to blend into the background. And because every aspect of your wedding day can happen here we can capture so much  more of your event. I love working here so if you are looking for a South Farm wedding videographer or photographer to capture your wedding please get in contact.

Rushton Hall Wedding Photography & Video

The Venue

Rushton Hall has been a regular wedding venue for us for many years. It’s a great place to get married and often it’s the only venue of the day as it’s got everything a happy couple could possibly need for their wedding. The ceremony room is full of light and mirrors – a photographers dream. And although the dining room is dark it’s also very dramatic with huge windows to make up for the aged wood panelling. Sometimes couples get married at Rushton Church which is only a stones throw away from Rushton Hall. I alway love driving up the long driveway to this great venue and it’s always a pleasure to work here.

Videography at Rushton Hall

We have photographed countless wedding here at Rushton Hall. It’s also a popular place for us to video weddings too. In fact, because it’s such popular wedding venue for photographers we increasingly often provide wedding videography services here to accompany them. Just like when photographing weddings there is a wealth of opportunities in terms of beautiful locations in which to work with couples.

Weddings at Rushton Hall

Below you can view examples of our most recent Rushton Hall wedding photography and videography. If you would like to view more examples you can use our search facility.


Lincolnshire wedding photographynick grove wedding photography Rushton Hall hanging wedding dress Rushton Hall wedding bride getting dressedRushton Hall wedding wedding rings photos   nick grove wedding photographyRushton Hall wedding  Rushton Hall weddingRushton Hall weddingRushton Hall wedding bride dancingnick grove wedding photographynick grove wedding photography

Notley Abbey Weddings

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  • Notley Abbey Wedding Photos
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  • Notley Abbey Wedding Photos
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Notley Abbey Weddings

Stapleford Park Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography

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The Wedding Venue

I have been photographing weddings and creating wedding videos at Stapleford Park for many years. It is possible my favourite wedding venue to work at. Inside and outside it is a bride and grooms dream location and offers so much potential for stunning wedding photos and film. The walled garden is perfect for taking the happy couple away from the guests so they can relax during their photo shoot. The orangery is perfectly lit for wedding ceremonies. And the Main Hall is very Grand – perfect for any wedding breakfast.

Weddings at Stapleford

We have produced some of our very best work here and many truly memorable weddings spring to mind when I think about this stunning venue. I particularly like weddings at Staplefords beautiful chapel. And whether you get married there or in the ornery, or in one of the front rooms of the main house they are all stunning locations for your wedding.

Photography & Videography

Many of our weddings at Stapleford Park include both photography and videography services. It’s always a big day for us when we have a team of professionals working together on a single wedding. It takes a lot of preparation but the results are well worth it. Below are some examples of the weddings we have attended here at Stapleford Park.


We are proud to be recommended by such an amazing wedding venue and to provide stapleford park wedding photography for all our couples. Don;t forget we provide wedding videography services here too.

Wedding Testimonials and Comments – Portia & Dan

Portia & Dan held their wedding at Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire. Here’s the message they sent me shortly after receiving their wedding video:


Received the DVD today thank you so much I could not be happier with it. Dan and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything on the day you were so calming and such a nice person. I have recommended you to my friends who are getting married in September in Oundle so should hopefully hear from them. Thank you so much

Portia & dan

For more wedding comments and wedding testimonials about all our wedding services please view our Wedding Thank You’s page here.