Kerry & Phil’s Rushton Hall Wedding Northamptonshire

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The wedding venue

Kerry & Phil’s Rushton Hall Wedding in Northamptonshire was the first wedding of the year and starts of what will be a very busy year for me. We have a good mix of wedding photography and videography this year and a dozen weddings where we provide bot services, including a couple where we return to this great wedding venue for another great Rushton Hall wedding. This venue is a popular one for us and a pleasure to work at because it provides all the variety of spaces you require to create a great portfolio of wedding photographs for our couples as well as some nice walks which really help the video side of things.

About the couple

Kerry and Phil were clear from the first time we met that they wanted a photojournalistic approach from their wedding photographer and videographer and above all they wanted to enjoy their wedding day without the hassles sometimes associated with less professional photographers. I was of course very pleased to provide our natural, creative and discreet approach to wedding photography and video and here are the results.

Canon 5D Mark III

This wedding was also the first opportunity that I had to try out our new Canon 5d Mark III cameras. Overall I was very pleased with the results. The focusing controls are a little different in that you are spoilt for choice with a huge number of options but I’ll save my technical review for a later post. I hope you enjoy this small selection of wedding photographs from Kerry & Phil’s Rushton Hall Wedding. And if you are looking for a wedding photographer or wedding videographer to shoot your special day please get in contact.


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