Finding the right Wedding Photographer for you.

It’s not often that I speak out on my blog but I think 2012 might be the year to dedicate more time to connecting with you all.

After recent discussions with other full time professionals photographers I feel compelled to say something regarding the huge challenge couples face in finding the right wedding photographer for their wedding.

While it’s never been easier to view photographers work online it’s also never been so difficult to find the right one for you. The sheer number of ‘professional’ wedding photographers is reaching total saturation point with more and more enthusiasts picking up a camera and shooting weddings.

For us full time professionals it’s a worrying time too. Not only is it more difficult to get noticed ahead of the competition, I also fear a return to the bad old days when wedding photographers were regarded as amateurs, making a fast buck, and leaving a trail of negative experiences to tarnish us all!

If you just want a few hours coverage, no prints, no album, and your images burn’t to DVD you are in luck as this seems to be the most popular wedding package now on offer from the new breed of wedding photographers starting out. You’ll have to pay £1000+ for it though! I can’t help thinking what a lot of money for so little.

On the bright side- at these prices I can’t complain that these weekend warriors are driving down the value of hiring a true professional photographer. And in comparison our wedding packages are looking very good value for money.

Here are a few of my own pointers to help you when choosing a Wedding Photographer-

  • Search the Internet effectively – one short cut that is incredibly useful is to carry out an image search using Google and specify your chosen wedding venue. For example -”Wedding Photography Stapleford Park”.
  • Do your research – view as many wedding photography portfolios as you can. Over time you will develop your taste for a particular style.
  • Meet with your short list – it’s important to gel with your wedding photographer. You need to feel comfortable and confident in their presence. Speak on the phone, meet at the venue, go with who you liked best.
  • Ask questions – I love it when couples bring a list of questions to our meetings. It shows you care and that your wedding photography is important to you.
  • Go with your instinct – the final decision needs to be one you are entirely happy with.

I hope this short post helps some of you happy couples choose the right wedding photography for you. If you have anything to add or feedback please do.

Wishing you all the best for 2012.

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